Technological advances in the medical industry

In the last year there have been great advances within the medical industry that go beyond the care of the pandemic, but have not had the dissemination that they should, for this reason, we will tell you today what they are, There are some extremely interesting

Robotic Surgery, new expectations

Since the 80s different robotic arms have been used in surgeries, and although we have not yet reached the ideal that you see in capsule science fiction movies in which robots perform diagnostics! and operations automatically, if these arms have been implemented in urological, neurological, and cardiothoracic procedures, and even in gynecological procedures, where it has been possible to operate on fetuses with various pathologies, giving them a new chance of life. 

Now, there are new expectations regarding robotic surgery and its intervention in Gastric Bypass Mexico where great advances are expected, notably reducing the risk of patients and even post-surgical pain, as it is a surgery that, combined with laser technology, becomes much less invasive.


Advances in dentistry

One of the great technological advances in the medical industry are Tijuana dental implants, since they allow the teeth to be embedded one by one giving a spectacular fixation, and the sensation of a normal tooth, ideal for those who use Dental bridges, as these are extremely annoying, tend to move easily and accumulate food that causes cavities in nearby teeth. 

Genome sequencing, genetic modification begins

As soon as the human genome was deciphered, scientists began to work on personalized sequencing, which augurs a revolutionary future in medical prevention, introducing changes in both lifestyle and related diseases. inheritance, in such a way that it would imply the cure of all these types of illnesses that affect people in all parts of the world. 

Of course it is an extremely long study session, perhaps even spanning more than one generation, but it will undoubtedly take us leaps and bounds toward a future free of cancer, diabetes, tumors, and more. 

Cell atlas design. 

Imagine a map of the 37.2 billion existing human cells. Mark Zuckerberg has joined by contributing funds to this research and including a new trend: 3d technology. 

Medical technology in the last century has advanced so much that the doctors of the Middle Ages look like real troglodytes next to a current surgeon, so it is very possible that in fifty years the current methods will seem impractical to us, but it can be said that they are the method necessary to achieve one of the greatest developments of mankind: advances in medical technology.