How to install and use Geosense for Windows 7

Long Zhen and Rafael Rivera have just released a software based GPS sensor that integrates with the Windows 7 sensor and location API. What they have essentially allows users to now make their copy of Windows 7 know its location without the use of a GPS device. This is really awesome tool as right know there are still no Windows location API GPS devices that I know of if you live in Australia.

Below are the steps involved with download installing and Geosense for Windows and then how to configure the Windows 7 Weather Gadget application to automatically detect your location.

How to install Geosense for Windows 7

Step 1. Head over to and download either the 32 or 64 bit version of the software based on your computer.

Step 2. Double click on the MSI file (Geosense_1.0_x64.msi or Geosense_1.0_x86.msi)

Step 3. Tick “I authorize you to slap me if i violate the terms above” and then click “Install”


Step 4. Accept the UAC prompt (you do have UAC turned on don’t you?)

Note: You may get prompted to install the device driver if this happens then click “Install”.

Step 5. Click “Finish”


Step 7. Open “Control Panel” and type “location” in the search bar then click on the “Enable location and other sensors” option


Step 8. Tick “Enabled” next to the Geosense Location Sensor and the click “Apply”


How to use Geosense Location Sensor for Windows 7

Now you have enabled the Geosense Location Sensor for Windows 7 its time to enable automatic location options in the Windows 7 weather gadget.

Step 1. If you have not already enabled the Weather gadget that comes with Windows 7 open the Gadget Gallery from the star menu and double click on the “Weather” gadget.


Step 2. Click on the Options spanner icon next the Weather gadget.


Step 3. Select the “Find location automatically” and click “OK”

Your done… Notice when you click on the small blue location next to the location it tells you that “Your location is detected”.