How PV Solar Panels in Los Angeles are Essential in Energy Saving

The whole idea behind solar panels consists in energy saving; both for ecological and monetary reasons. Those homeowners thinking about acquiring PV solar panels in Los Angeles area have one more reason: to comply with new California regulations on energy use on homes. In this article, we’ll highlight the main pinpoints of these regulations, their impact on solar energy usage and how it can make you make savings in energy and bills as well.

Solar Optimum is a company with 12 years of excellent service in solar panels. We strive to make things easier to our customers while also keeping them informed on what’s going on in the solar industry. We intend for them not just to buy solar panels but actually, to make the best choice for their property. Solar panels are intended for the long run, and we understand how of an important investment it is for our clients.

The Need of Solar Panels in Los Angeles to Comply with California’s Mandate

In 2020 the State of California released California’s Rooftop Solar Mandate. This is a new building code that requires new homes to have a solar photovoltaic (PV) system as an electricity source. The code started to be effective on January 1st 2020. It applies to single-family homes and multi-family homes that are up to three stories high, as well. The system to be implemented in each home needs to be large enough to meet the annual electricity usage of the property.

So if you’re building or buying a new home, it’s in your best interest to invest in solar panels for your property. The California Clean Energy Commission (CEC) estimates that while upfront costs of new properties will increase, that extra cost will be compensated by higher savings in electrical billing in the long run. 

So for example: the cost of a brand-new, single-family house will increase by approximately $8,400. This means an increase of monthly mortgage payments of roughly $40. However, taking an average electricity rate of around 18 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) as a parameter, the CEC estimates that this home will save around $80 a month on electrical bills. These monthly savings plus the mortgage payments means a homeowner would have a monthly $40 net saving; translated into a $500 per year in savings.

Solar Optimum is Here to Help You

Now more than ever, solar panels in Los Angeles mean savings for homeowners. By complying with the California Solar Mandate, not only will you be respecting the law but also making important savings while keeping energy use clean and efficient. Solar Optimum is here to help you achieve that by giving you first-hand information from experts with over 12 years of experience in the solar panel industry.

Additionally to that, we pioneered in the use of contactless solar consultation, a safe way to have direct communication with Solar Optimum’s team while keeping social distancing in times of Coronavirus. For more information about how to get solar panels in Los Angeles and other areas of Southern California, request a quote or contact us online today!