Microsoft have just released the latest version of the ACT Toolkit which allows corporations to scan their production computers for application that may have compatibility issues when running  Windows 7. The new version now allows users to rate the compatibility of application for 32bit and 64bit application separately. With the x64 version of Windows 7 now the dominant (see here and here) operating system version this tools is going to be really useful for enterprise looking to make the 64 bit jump.


You may also notice that this update has also dropped the “RC” tag from Windows 7 reports section that was previously in version 5.5 which you could previously only do via a SQL command.

This version also resolves an issue with the DLL file called “logger.dll” that is used for the User Account Control (UAC) evaluator. The problem was that other programs like Sophos Anti-Virus also use the same name for their DLL’s and thus caused an error “The procedure entry point LoggerStart could not be located in the dynamic link library logger.dll” error message (see below). They have renamed this DLL on the Agent to “ACTEventLogger.dll” instead so the conflict has now been resolved.


This version also comes with the demo Stock Viewer application (see below) that has so often been used by Microsoft demonstrate how to use SHIM’s to remediate problem apps. This is a nice addition as you can practice you SHIM creating skills on this program first before attempting to fix more challenging production application.


You can get Microsoft ACT v5.6 now from

If you don’t already have a SQL server to use for ACT you may also want to download and install SQL Server 2008 R2 as well from