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Engadget have just released some more exclusive photos and videos of the Courier which is reportedly a new dual screen tablet device that Microsoft is current developing. Apparently this device will be built on Windows Phone 7 OS and run with the Nvidia Tega 2 processor which should surly give it a lot of horse power with good battery life.

The video’s at the bottom do start similar to the original video that Engadget leaked in September but they definitely have an updated UI and more content.

Video 1

Video 2:

I also noticed how the painting application in the video looks a lot like the Project Gustav painting application recently shown off at TechFest 2010 on the Microsoft campus.

Courier Paint Application (below)


Project Gustav (below)



More Photos



Microsoft’s Courier ‘digital journal’: exclusive pictures and details (update: video!) — Engadget

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Robbie Bach the President, Entertainment & Devices Division for Microsoft appeared on ABC Lateline Business where he talk about surface computer and a number of other things. When questioned about the rumoured Zune phone and the Courier Tablet device his response was

“Set aside the Zune phone or other things we ARE working on.”

On the face of it this sounds like a simple deflection to the question however he does clearly say the are working on something and the statement was not a direct denial.

Click on the image below if you want to see the whole interview for yourself. The the Zune Phone and Courier question is at about 1m:08s.


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Update: Now the truth is out it seems that Jason was just having a big old joke… DOH! I have striked out all the details that were wrong.

Jason Calacanis (Founder of Weblogs, Inc., TechCrunch50, Silicon Alley Reporter, Engadget & has revealed lots of details of the new Apple Tablet… He pretty much reveals everything except for the name and the look of the device.

Below I have summarised all the information about the device that he has revealed:

  1. image Can run Farmville (oh No)
  2. Connects to other tablets over WiFi for gaming. (Just like every other device in the world)
  3. Device has built-in chess app. (So does Windows Vista)
  4. Nintendo wii-level innovation. (Mario carts anyone)
  5. Inbuilt reader for New Your Times & Vanity Fair (presumably many more)
  6. 2 cameras to shoot what’s in front of you + yourself. Augmented video conferencing!
  7. OLED Screen
  8. Back has solar pad for recharging, but it really doesn’t work quickly.
  9. Verizon & ATT Support. This means EVDO and/or 3G
  10. Apple Tablet has thumb pads on each side for mouse gestures, (This confirms the photos on the Gizmodo web site that has two thumb buttons.)
  11. Reads fingerprint for security. Up to 5 profiles by fingerprint for family
  12. Battery life is great in eBook reading mode but not great when on wifi or playing games.
  13. Runs an iphone os flavour with ability to have multiple apps running at same time ie pandora, browser
  14. The price will be $599, $699 and $799 depending on size and memory in apple tablet. (Probably a subsidised price)
  15. Wireless keyboard + monitor connection for tv  (Could this be Intel Wireless Display)
  16. The apple tablet is really amazing for newspapers. Video conferencing is super stable, but nothing new.
  17. The best part of the apple tablet is the built in HDTV tuner and PVR
  18. Come with a chess game.

Check out is tweets directly at

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@Jason Jason Calacanis ( of Engadget and has just leaked on Twitter the details of the new
Apple Tablet device. His tweets say that it has a built in HDTV tuner and PVR to record and play TV on. He also mentions it will cost $599, $699 & $799 and it has a front facing camera for video conferencing.

His tweet also mention a wireless keyboard and wireless monitor support. No details yet but this could be the Wireless Display technology that Intel launched at CES a few weeks ago. The wireless display allows a computer to send it’s screen to a TV via a wireless network.

He has now mentioned it has a front and back facing camera. It also had two thumb pads for mouse like navigation and a fingerprint readers to allow up to 5 people (in the same family) to use the device.

He claims the device has an OLED screen and a solar panel for charging. OLED I believe, but Solar a panel !!!

Note: this entire blog post was done on my bus trip home on my iPhone. I do like technology.

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Rumour: HTC HD3 specs released

HTC-HD2 With the HTC HD2 just released in Australia and an souped up versions will soon be on T-Mobile in the USA so of course now is the time to leak the specs of the next version of the phone the HTC HD3. This phone is set to be released on November 2010 which would be the perfect time to make this a Windows Mobile 7 device. Below is a summary of the specs:

  • 1.5 ghz Snapdragon (Uber Fast)
  • 1gb Ram (Same as my netbook)
  • 1gb Rom
  • 16gb Internal Flash
  • microSD Card (16 internal and 32gb SD = 46gb storage)
  • 4.5” 1280×800 (that’s greater than 720p HD)
  • Front Camera (enables video chat)
  • 4G radio (will this matter in Australia)
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (no word on 802.11n)
  • HDMI (presumably via dock like Zune HD)
  • USB 2.0 and 3.5mm audio jack (Disappointingly not USB 3.0)

These specs are impressive but considering the specs of the current HD2 it actually seem likely seeing it will not be released for at least another 10 months.

Source: Specs for the HTC HD3? We Wish!

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