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Long Zheng has just blogged (Here The Samsung Series 7 Slate PC looks familiar… ) about the striking similarities between the Samsung Series 7 Dual Core Slate and the photos of the Quad Core slate I took at TechEd New Zealand last week.

I noticed that it had the same distinctive wave styling and similar buttons placement however the Engadget This is my next article says this slate only has an Intel’s 1.6GHz Core i5 2467M CPU which is only dual core CPU ( but is Quad Thread). Their photos of the device also has a SIM slot and slightly different ventilation slots makes me have some doubt that this is not the exact same device but is something similar like a pre-release or non-3g model…

(My Photo from TechEd New Zealand)

Unknown Slate – Quad Core

NZ Day 7 024

Originally I thought the wave on the edge was just a shadow from the cloth on top of the device however it would seem that this is actually some cosmetic styling.

Samsung Series 7 Slate – Dual Core

( Below photo Credit: )


What do you think? Is this the same and/or similar device?

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At TechEd 2011 New Zealand Jeff Johnson and Patrick Hevesi showed off some new Windows “Slate” style device in the WCL101 Come and see the latest and greatest in Windows Devices session.

Below is a number of photos of the devices that were shown off including a un-named Windows Slate device…

Update: The mystery of what the device is seems to have been solved… It looks very much like a Samsung Series 7 Dual Core Slate . While the device is only dual core it does have hyper-threading and so it would show having 4 CPU’s in task manager.

Update 2: I have found a post on a Microsoft web site of a Samsung Series 7 Slate that looks exactly the same as the Quad Core Slate form TechEd NZ

What is very interesting is that the device looks like a thin Quad Core Windows Slate which will be a vast improvement over current thicker slower tablets…

Note: Only first two photos are of the said Quad Core slate…

NZ Day 7 024

NZ Day 7 024

Here is a slate with a removable battery…

NZ Day 7 019

Try bending an Macbook Air like this…

NZ Day 7 028

Sony Vaio with an External Blue Ray drive and ATI Graphics Adapter…

NZ Day 7 047

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The Microsoft Home

Microsoft have released a video tour of their “Microsoft Home” which showcases what they predict the home could look like in 3 to 15 years. This is not the first of such video that Microsoft has released as this is a little like the “Microsoft Office Labs” video that was released a few years ago.



IE9answerThere has been a lot of talk from Microsoft lately (see Native HTML5: First IE10 Platform Preview Available for Download ) about Microsoft saying they now support “Native HTML” with the release of the developer preview of IE10. However some people don’t seem to realise that this is in fact a very good thing… Microsoft are now saying that they fully embrace the idea of having only code a page once using “Native HTML” and have it work the same now and in the future on all browsers.

This video below was a excellent example why we need this…

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The really smart people at MIT have been able to take the Kinect camera and use it for some really cool video conferencing. This is pretty amazing stuff video (see below) that shows how combining and audio array with camera and depth sensor can get you some pretty amazing affect. Hope this is also a preview of some of the innovation we can expect with the release of theKinect SDK really soon.

Kinected Conference from Lining (Lizzie) Yao on Vimeo.

Source Kinected Conference @ MIT (via Engadget )

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