googleThere has been a lot of speculation on the Internets in the past day about a BusinessWeek Article  (here here here here here and here ) saying that Apple are considering making Bing the default search provider.

While some people might think this seems like Hell freezing over this to me seems to make a lot of sense due to a number of reasons.new_iphone

  1. There are only two selectable search engine options on the iPhone Safari browser namely Google and Yahoo. With the Bing/Yahoo deal getting closer to being finalised this would mean the iPhone would two search options would then be Google and Bing.
  2. Google recent entry into the phone market with the Android OS means that Google now are a direct competitor to the iPhone. This is in stark difference to when Apple first introduced the iPhone back in 2007 when Google did not have a phone OS.
  3. Apple already licences the Microsoft Active Sync protocol for the iPhone which is used large number of users for syncing their email with their corporate email server. So having Microsoft technology on the iPhone is really not
  4. Microsoft Bing is already a search option on the iPhone via the free Bing iPhone App.

What I would really like to see would be if Microsoft could make some sort of a deal with Apple to support hotmail natively in the email client in the iPhone 4.0 OS update in exchange for using Bing as the default search engine.

But what it really boils down to is Apple only having two choices (Google/Bing) as the default search engine and them deciding which is the lesser of two evils.