MS_Bing_Phone There have been so many Microsoft/iPhone/iPad rumours lately that it has got me thinking that what ever this new device Apple is going to be launching on January 27th one could be mistaken that it wasn’t going to be a Microsoft powered device.

Don’t think so? here few points I think are worth considering…


  1. iPhone (and now Snow Leopard) already natively supports Microsoft Active Sync for email synchronisation with corporate Exchange email servers.
  2. Microsoft recently released the Bing iPhone App which allow many people to access the Bing services from the iPhone so Microsoft know how to provide Bing services to the iPhone.
  3. Microsoft has released a Seadragon Mobile deep zoom image app that is the technology Bing Maps uses.
  4. Microsoft has released Microsoft Tag reader application that would be really useful addition to the iPad.


  1. In a previous article I spoke about the rumour of the next iPhone and iPad having Bing as the default search engine.
  2. Now on The iPhone Blog web site they mention that Bing would be used for both Search and Maps. This makes a lot of sense as the two a normally very interconnected and if Apple were going to dump Google then changing the mapping provider would also be a highly likely.
  3. As Bing Maps beta is no more it would make a lot of sense that this mean its now ready for production use ahead of the iPhone 4/iPad announcement.
  4. Now admittedly this is a little more of a stretch but if Bing Maps is going to be on the iPhone 4/iPad this could also mean we are going to see Silverlight on the device. This would mean that there be a lot more support than just IIS streaming for Silverlight (See Microsoft ‘worked with Apple’ for Silverlight on iPhone, says Goldfarb).
  5. IMG_0621Then today during the recoding of Windows Weekly episode 140 Paul Thurrott mention that he has been speaking with Microsoft about how Hotmail is now the only email service that does not support push email support. He then mentioned that Microsoft said they were aware of this and they were working on it. Weather this means that Hotmail will be supported natively on the iPhone with the other mail services (Exchange, MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL) or if this mean they will enabled Active Sync support like Gmail on hotmail has to be seen. But it would seem that push mail support for hotmail is coming to the iPhone… Yeah!

Now I will be the first to admit that I would be totally shocked if all of these predictions/speculations come true… But if they did… the iPad might finally be a device that might just build a bridge over the huge device between the Apple/Microsoft fan boys.